Types of High definition hard disk karaoke player

Karaoke players are divided into two types according to different application settings, namely home karaoke players and commercial karaoke machines. Singmate’s LemonKTV home karaoke player are represented by Model KHP-8806, KHP-8807, KHP-8812, as well as high-end Model KHP-8856, KHP-8832,KHP-8866. (https://www.lemonktv.com, )

Home Karaoke player:

    A home karaoke player, as its name implies, is specially designed for home applications. It has typical features which make it easy and convenient to connect, use, maintain or update songs. The machine can be placed in living rooms, and provides a wonderful party entertainment way for friends and families. Easy to operate efficiently and conveniently, it is given high praise by people. Among these excellent machines, Singmate’s LemonKTV karaoke players enjoy great popularity among the families enthusiastic about singing songs using karaoke player.

Commercial Karaoke Machine:

    Commercial karaoke machines are generally designed for applications in KTV, especially in large, medium and small-sized KTV places where lots of people sing songs. The commercial karaoke machines are commonly found in KTV places and are generally used to make commercial profits for KTV operators. This style machines are represented by Model Singmate’s Lemon KTV Series KHP-8866,KHP-8832 etc. ( https://www.lemonktv.com.)


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Types of High definition hard disk karaoke player.

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Types of High definition hard disk karaoke player
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