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MIDI HDD JukeBox KHP-8810U
Has fited a 80G HDD with about 10000-
  20,000s MIDI songs. (Has used about 3G
  space of HDD)
Support Host USB2.0, The customer can
  add MTV&Mp3 songs from USB flash card
  or portable HDD.
with EXT IDE port, Can add songs or
  movies from VCD/DVD disc with DVD-
Selected songs by NUMBER & MENU.
High resolution background moving picture
Can record when user is singing,and can
can SCORE.with handclap sound.
Can show the song's rhythm level map on
  TV screen used for user follow it singing.
5.1Channel /Stereo Audio.
Extra Function:
built-in professional MIC Echo.
Can play directly the MTV songs in the
  DVD-ROM & USB flash card with VCD/
  disc or files
with INSERT COIN function. (can add this
  function by customer request)
songstore with encryption
Can extend for Double-screen karaoke machine with mouse and keyboard operate
Operating MENU interface :  
Product introduction        
MIDI HDD jukebox is used special for play MIDI,MP3,MTV songs.Operating can select songs by number or menu ways. Whole machine has had include a 80G HDD with 10000~20000s multi-language MIDI songs in it.Saving enough space in the HDD yet.User self can add liking MTV karaoke songs(DAT/VOB form) into its HDD from VCD/DVD disc by ext-DVD-ROM device, Another, machine support host USB2.0 port ,same can add multi-Media songs(MPEG1/2/4,MP3 form) into HDD of jukebox from USB flash card or extra portable-HDD . and use remote controler to edit user song name with english or chinese,set option samtime,etc.
This kind of jukebox has more practicable function. can play multi-media files directly in the USB flash card, Can show the song's rhythm level map on TV screen in order user to track it singing, is very good effect with sportful. Can take handclap sound with score when somebody singing end, Specially has a function can record the user singing sound into the HDD saving and replay back share by himself.Build-in MIC echo device , topping professional effect. Of course,customer can request open the COIN control function when make order, another, this machine can extend to become a Double-screen karaoke machine use for KTV with mouse and keyboard operating, All accept OEM order
Manual of MIDI hdd jukebox????   MIDI songlist for sample ????  
Sample structure:
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