Introduction of high definition hard disk karaoke player

    High definition karaoke player, also known as karaoke jukebox or karaoke machine, provides a great entertainment and leisure way by allowing people to choose songs for singing generally in some places such as KTV club or living rooms. Currently, karaoke machines generally come in three types, namely commercial karaoke machines, LemonKTV home karaoke player and online karaoke machines. 
    Many people are fond of singing karaoke songs, so they often need to spend much money going to KTV clubs for singing. Why do we try to imagine taking karaoke machines to our home? By doing that, we can enjoy the joy of entertainment with our family, and invite our friends to our home to hold a party. In our opinions, karaoke entertainment machines are extremely professional and costly. However, in fact, science and technology progress is making electronic devices more and more powerful and more cost-effective, thus ensuring common people can afford to purchase those originally costly professional entertainment equipments. When you desire to own a home karaoke machine, you can go to electric appliances stores or visit online shops to place an order, then you will find that there are various styles of home karaoke machines in current market. You will be puzzled by the diversity of products with multiple complicated functions and even don’t know which style is the best choice for your requirements. Here let me introduce to you a multi-functional, fashionable and modern home karaoke machine easy to operate, which is your best choice in living room entertainment room. 
Have you heard of “Lemon KTV”? It is a new generation of karaoke player system made by a well-known Chinese company called Insound Digitblue,. KHP-8856 ,KHP-8866 and KHP-8832 karaoke players popular in current market are made by this company and are leading the karaoke machine industry. These products open a new era in achieving home application of high definition hard disc karaoke player system. The new generation of karaoke player system, called Lemon KTV, is a completely updated home karaoke player system and is built based on Android operating system. It has extremely powerdul functions, is a collection of all technologies related to karaoke and is an extension of home entertainment concept. 
    Currently, the model of lemon KTV series products on sale is KHP-8856,KHP-8866,KHP-8832. For more details about them, please visit

Here we mainly discuss its main features: 

1) 4K,1080P Full HD video output.
2) Android 4.04 operating system.Can install android apps by userself.
3) Support over 100,000 songs.
4) Support over 3TB up to 16TB Hard disk drive inside,multi-language MENU, 
5) Support Air KTV function can select song through iPhone/Android phone with WiFi ,
6) Can play MKV/VOB/MPG/AVI etc song files, 
7) Can browse internet,playing game,watch network TV etc function
8) Build-in AGC/AVC, auto volume level control. All song sound output in same volume.
9) Automatic control fan by temperature.
10) Pre-installed XBMC,YOUTUBE player.

Introduction of high definition hard disk karaoke player.

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Introduction of high definition hard disk karaoke player
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