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Analyze lemonKTV Karaoke player using user group settings

December 24, 2018

KHP-8856 cloud karaoke player

  1. User groups enthusiastic about listening to music, singing songs or becoming popular signers: Take KTV to your home for singing at any time in their own KTV.
  2. User groups who usually go to KTV clubs: Take TV to your home. With all software and hardware facilities in karaoke rooms, it costs less money, but presents the same effect as KTV clubs.
  3. Friends party entertainment: Take TV to your home. Several good friends gather at home for singing together and enjoying freedom not found in KTV.
  4. Children learning songs or learning to sing songs: Take KTV to your home. From childhood, children should learn basic fundamentals of singing and pursue a good performance on a stage. With lots of built-in songs favored by children, the machine makes it possible for children to perform songs both at home and outside.
  5. Business gift for customers: Take KTV to your home. Owning it means owning a karaoke room. This low-cost exquisite gift can make your customers joyful, thus ensuring a long-term pleasant cooperation with them.
  6. Home entertainment gift required for pursuing lovers: Take KTV to your home to ensure you can sing love songs everyday. Hugging each other and singing will make you happy. With tens of thousands of built-in popular songs, it can make sweet lovers feel more comfortable singing songs at home.
  7. Home gift required for intimate lovers: Take KTV to your home. It has tens of thousands of built-in high definition classic old songs sung by original singer and popular songs to make you and your mate enjoy singing songs at home.
  8. Gift required for parents: Take KTV to your home. It has tens of thousands of built-in “red” songs, Chinese opera and Beijing opera to make the aged enjoy their joyful lives and sing songs at any time.

   Nowadays, high definition karaoke machines have become a way of public entertainment. In the market, there are many brands of karaoke machines, including Korean Hyundai’s karaoke jukebox, Digitblue’s Lemon KTV Serieshttp://www.lemonktv.com etc. However, when choosing a karaoke machine, price-performance ratio of the brand, the quantity of song libraries and songs, as well as the availability of timely update must be taken into consideration. The key to make high definition karaoke machines stand out in the competitive market is whether it can favor modern life and provide an excellent price-performance ratio.


Media Comments:

   A recent reporter survey on several major online shopping malls found that an emerging electronic product is becoming new favorite of trend spotters, which is high definition hard disc karaoke machine. Actually, karaoke machines are always best sellers, and although lots of consumers are very familiar with karaoke machines, they only see these machines in KTV places, bars or hotels. Now, you can take it to your home...

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