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About Karaoke Products

What is the difference between KHP-8816 and KHP-8856 model?

What is the difference between the KHP-8856, KHP-8866, and KHP-8832 karaoke machine models?

How many songs can the karaoke machine support?

If KHP-8866, KHP-8832 plugging in the microphone, where the sound of singing is output ?

There are a lot of karaoke songs on youtube. Can I use the karaoke machine to select songs?

Support "Youtube Karaoke" function.

How to operate Karaoke machine

How to start using karaoke machine (Video Demo)

How to Install HDD with System Files to karaoke Machine (Video Demo)

About Karaoke Songs Library

Can I buy your hard drive with song library come together when I buy a karaoke machine?

If I don't buy a hard drive with song library, can I use a karaoke machine to sing karaoke?

What songs are there in the cloud song library?

What are the Video formats of the songs in the cloud song server?

Do I have to pay for using cloud songs?

Karaoke Products Technical Support

How to Upgrade Firmware of karaoke machine (Video Demo)

How can upgrade firmware by online?

Where can I download and install the newest firmware(for SG2905 main-board machine) by manual?

Where can I download and install the newest firmware(for SG2905X main-board machine) by manual?

What if the system of the karaoke machine is not working properly? For example, can't loading or automatically quit.

What if the system CD disc in the package is damaged or lost?

Where can download base karaoke system files ?

How use the insert-coin function?

About After-Sales Service And Repair

How long is lemonktv products warranty?

About Wholesale, Order Fulfillment,Payment, Shipping and Refund

Support wholesale business?

How long can I receive the goods after the order is paid ?

Can I go directly to your warehouse in California of USA to pick up the goods or experience the scene?

Can I pay by credit card?

If not satisfied with the purchased product, can provide a full refund?

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